Technology Dissemination of Virus-free Seed Potato Production using Hydroponic
Technology Dissemination of Virus-free Seed Potato Production using Hydroponic Production systems in Thailand
Orathai Wongmetha, Anupob Puekpong, Nongkran Chod-aimaudom , Kittichai Saeyang, Sakorn Youngpong, Onanong Sawangsuriyawong, Veerapan Tansao, Sirinanya Jarinthorn and Thitaporn Ruangkul

          Technology dissemination of virus-free seed potato production using hydroponic production systems in Thailand was conducted in Chiangmai Royal Agricultural Research Centre (CMRARC) at Maehea and Khungwang, Chiangmai, Thailand during 2017-2018. The purpose of this study to improve the quality and quantity of potato including stabilize the potato industry by assisting the technologies for virus-free seed potato. Technical support for propagation of potato plantlets cv. Chiangmai 1 by tissue culture technique in solid media, microtuber production, pre-basic seed production under hydroponic (aeroponic) system and virus detection will be done. Repairing tissue culture room, cutting room and rebuilding of mother plant net house and aeroponic net house were constructed at CMRARC (Maehea). Tissue plantlets production in laboratory at Maehea produced amount 40,000 plantlets per year. At Khungwang station, Mother plant production in aeroponic system produced over 40,000 plants per year. More than 20,000 shoots cutting from mother plant net house transferred to aeroponic system for 19,248 tubers/net house (240 m2) of pre-basic seed (G0) production. Moreover, handbook of seed potato production, good agricultural practice (GAP) and postharvest technology of potato for Thai researcher, smart farmers and agricultural extension agent of entrepreneurs including leaflets and poster were published more than 500 copies. CMRARC transferred knowledge by training course of seed potato production technology to researchers, students farmers and entrepreneurs no less than 224 persons. Furthermore, to represent PR performance e.g. online news, field day, exhibition and welcome visiting delegations from Japan, Bhutan, Netherland, Malaysia, AFACI (Seed-extension) more than 1,125 persons.

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