Srisaket Horticultural Research Center

Srisaket HRC was established in 1974 as Srisaket Horticultural Experiment Station. Under the National Agricultural Research Project (NARP), it has been upgraded and renamed Srisaket Horticultural Research Centre since 1982. The centre is approximately 550 km. northeast of Bangkok. It is located at 15°04´ N and 104°15´E at the elevation of 126 m. The total area is approximately 175 hectares. Srisaket HRC has tropical climate with an average annual rainfall of 1,553 mm. and 45.9% of relative humidity. The average minimum and maximum temperatures are 22.1 °C and 32.5 °C, respectively.

Srisaket HRC is responsible for the research works on commercial horticultural crops in the northeast as follow:
1. Fruit crops: tamarind, papaya, mango
2. Ornamental crops: jasmine, orchid, water lily, lotus,  chrysanthemum, scented flowers
3. Vegetable crops: chili, garlic, shallot, tomato, pumpkin
4. Medicinal crops: roselle, plai, turmeric
5. Industrial fruit crops: cashew nut, robusta coffee